Liberia Learning Awards (LLA) 2019

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As part of our partnership with USAID Liberia Accountability and Voice Initiative, iCampus is hosting the Liberia Learning Awards 2019.


In the summer of 2017, iCampus teams conducted a learning mapping to understand why and

how Liberia organizations learn. We think adaptive learning is important in Liberia because

development is a complex and dynamic process where interests, relationships and incentives

can change rapidly. Adaptive learning techniques help us reflect on why we do what we do;

they help us improve what we do; and, hopefully, they help us find politically-savvy ways to

sustain positive change across the country.

About Liberia Learning Awards

In order to help build a learning community in Liberia, share ideas around learning and learn

from each other about how we can better collect data and use information for adaptation and improvement in our work, and build on the nascent learning community within Liberia, to develop out a network of engaged, connected learning advocates from across government and civil society, the Liberia Learning Awards (LLA) is an annual event hosted by iCampus in collaboration with USAID’s LAVI and LSA programs and other development partners.

The award ceremony is a fun, red carpet evening with media presence and an emphasis on

showcasing why learning within both the education and natural resource management sectors is important; and how it can lead to better outcomes. The awards will be given to Liberian civil society organizations that have exhibited concrete examples of how learning has been integrated into their programs to improve outcomes, using the methodology developed by USAID CLA in their learning case competitions.

The Liberia Learning Awards are presented to Liberian Organizations that have practically

demonstrated the followings:

i) Created a learning culture

ii) Taken time to pause and reflect effectively

iii) Integrated evaluation recommendations

iv) Collaborated with others around learning

We will launch a call for applications in early January 2019 through the iCampus and LAVI

networks and announce the short-listed organizations ahead of time to generate interest.

The Judging Process

A respected panel (made up of iCampus staff, USAID LAVI staff, a representative from

USAID or Social Impact and one other respected Liberian civil society learning expert) will

help us choose the winners, who will win a plaque and prizes at the event (including access to learning resources such as subscriptions to online learning materials and tools). All

submitted nominations will be judged by 5 independent judges. Winners and runners up will

be announced in March 2019 at the Liberia Learning Awards Ceremony at iCampus.

The event will incorporate learning broadly by CSOs within the LAVI focus areas of

education and natural resource management and those working on issues related to the

County Social Development Fund process. We will use the event to discuss both what

worked and what did not work in terms of advocacy and learning with the audience.

In particular, the judges will be seeking clear differentiators from other entrants to the award,

evidence of innovation, collaboration, learning and adaptation, as well as a strong proposition in response to the challenge ‘why is collaboration, learning and adaptation important to you?’

Why Liberia Learning Awards?

The outcome of this award is a shift in perceptions of the value of learning among

Community of Practice members and other organizations; and a renewed energy around

learning for the winners of the award.

The Awards

iCampus will award 3 winners in 3 categories,

● Highest score - Winner

● 2nd Highest score - Runner-up,

● 3rd Highest score - 2nd Runner-up

You can contact the iCampus Joint Management team ( ) , who will be

pleased to help you, should you have any questions.

What should I include?

Please submit your entry as a MS Word Document, PDF file or hard copy. Any

supplementary material should be kept to a minimum. Please note latest submission date is

5th January 2019. Shortlisted applicants will be asked to present to the judges either in person or on the phone as part of the selection process.

In addition to, providing a practical narrative of the how the organization has

i) created a learning culture, ii) taken time to pause and reflect effectively, iii) integrated

evaluation recommendations, iv) collaborated with others around learning, please outline a

full background of the nominee, their major achievements and how their contributions

enhanced has organizational collaboration and learning in Liberia, and your personal

statement as to why they should win this prestigious award. All nominees will be considered

by the judging panel and the eventual winner and runner-ups will be announced at the awards ceremony and via social media channels on the day of the event.

Your submission

You are requested to structure your submission in a way that covers the sections below. Each

section will be reviewed by the judges during the short-listing phase and the submission will

be scored. Please ensure that you observe the strict word count criteria below.

● Overview – a brief description of the organization and its target audience.

● Description of the key challenges, and the approaches adopted – consider the

following points within your submission: collaboration, learning and adaptation.

● Outcomes – how has collaborating, learning and adapting affected your organization?

● Achievement – what do you consider to be your core achievements within the last

twelve months and why do you believe that this is the year that your organization

should win the Liberia Learning Award (LLA)?

How to Nominate

iCampus welcomes nominations for this award, which is awarded by a judging panel. If you

wish to nominate an organization for this award, please do so via this email address or in-person by visiting iCampus facility, Carey Street, Snapper Hill,

Monrovia, Liberia

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