Introducing the Orange/iCampus Hackathon Attendees : Sharon Turay

Sharon has dedicated her life to promoting the creative arts and cultural heritage of Liberia. As an expert visual storyteller, Sharon is a versatile professional trained in visual arts, social innovation, and entrepreneurship. After studying at Accountability Lab Film School in Liberia, Sharon life’s work is committed at mentoring local filmmakers and writing screenplays for documentaries, short films and motion pictures, across a local creative industry. As a philanthropic icon on creativity and social innovation, Sharon is the founder and Executive Director of Liberia Film Academy, a community of gifted filmmakers, directors, cinematographers, and videographers.

Her most recent film as a director is “My Eternal”, which was lately premiered at iCampus, and broadcasted broadly across mainstream-social outlets at home and abroad.

At the Orange Liberia/iCampus hackathon scheduled for May 30 and May 31, 2019, Sharon will work with selected participants to invent ideas on how we can use technology to solve complex social issues and provide a real-life solution to existing challenges that generally affect Liberians.

The hackathon generally seeks to address social issues by providing technological solutions and savvy approach to problem-solving. Participants will curate constructive talking points around the positive use of technology in addressing economic, social and health-related issues.

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