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About the iCampus Fellowship

The iCampus Fellowship aims to bring talented Liberian female university students, recent university graduates and/or aspiring young professionals into our unique workspace and community for a 5-month period, during which time Fellows will get the rare experience of working closely on specific projects while also getting exposure to and experience with many aspects of project management and daily operations. The second class of iCampus Fellows will select two female students and/or aspiring young professionals. Each person will receive a monthly stipend and, based on their performance, may be offered an extension of their Fellowship.

The fellows will receive a certificate after completing the Fellowship and those who show promise will be connected to relevant organizations within our network to support their learning needs in the future. She may also be considered for job opportunities at iCampus that match their skills and interests. Responsibilities of the Fellows: For the second class of iCampus Fellows, we are seeking to fill two complementary but distinct roles: Programs & IT Fellow and a Communications/Marketing Fellow.

The iCampus Fellows will get to work with various departments to get a breadth of understanding of a coworking and innovation space, to contribute innovative ideas and potentially see them get funded, to learn about the latest in information and communication technologies for development and to build a network of professional relationships. Please see the specific responsibilities of each Fellowship below, as well as what qualities and skill sets we are seeking in both successful candidates:

Responsibilities of the Fellows

Programs & IT Fellow responsibilities

● Provide support to the iCampus manager in activities related to the iCampus coworking community and visitors as needed.

● Assist in the development of project activities, implementation and report writing for all iCampus development programs

● Assist in the design and operationalization of iCampus M&E, program and learning frameworks

● Gather data and provide inputs to support the iCampus team on how technology innovatively can improve programs, trainings, and events.

● Provide support to the management of iCampus computer networks and hardware.

● Assist the iCampus members with basic IT technical support.

● Provide support in the organization of learning events, trainings and workshops that are promoted by iCampus.

● Regularly assist the Learning and Communications Manager to update website with iCampus related contents to communicate to broader audiences

● Collect, analyse and process all iCampus M&E data and assist in preparing monthly M&E reports for real time learning..

● Provide support in the development of learning events, trainings and workshops for the civil society organizations.

● Assist the Learning and Communications Manager in the communication with the civil society organizations.

● Serve as an Ambassador of iCampus for local universities, helping in reaching the students, contact the iCampus team with the universities administration, and supporting the organization of events for universities.

● Other relevant tasks as required.

Communications/Marketing Fellow responsibilities:

● Provide support to the iCampus Manager in general logistics, operations and administration of iCampus.

● Assist in the production of communication contents to engage the iCampus community on frequent basis

● Development of and rolling out iCampus social media marketing plan, growing the iCampus social following and constantly engaging followers with useful contents

● Assisting in the development of marketing and communication tools for to advertise iCampus services, spaces and products

● Assist in negotiating arrangements for mainstream media publicity, and media coverage at special iCampus events

● Assist to create blogs, prepare monthly progress reports and updating the iCampus website with appropriate contents

● Engage with companies, business and prominent individuals to promote iCampus products and services

● Serve as an Ambassador of iCampus for local universities, helping in reaching the students, contact the iCampus team with the universities administration, and supporting the organization of events for universities.

● Other relevant tasks as required.

Successful candidates:

● Have experience rolling up your sleeves and executing on deliverables with precision.

● Approach complex problems with flexibility, resourcefulness, and a positive attitude.

● Have a history of staring challenges in the face and driving teams toward timely, impactful solutions.

● Thrive in fast-paced environment where you can work independently, play a leadership role and interact with a variety of stakeholders.

● See yourself as a sponge and jump at the opportunity to learn from and with your teammates.

More about the Team

iCampus’ co-founding organizations - Accountability Lab Liberia and iLab Liberia - have a common goal of building accountability and applying innovative approaches to complex challenges. We also believe that adaptive learning is central to successful development in Liberia. We live by the values of integrity, innovation, humility, practicality, and collaboration in all that we do. We strive to make iCampus a welcoming community in Liberia for people who are interested in learning, adapting and improving what they do for the greater good.

Preferred Qualifications:

● Current or recent University graduate or advanced degree in related subject such as political science, organizational management, information and communication technology, statistics, international relations, history or economics;

● Good English writing and reporting skills;

● Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite;

● Basic knowledge in computer networking and hardware;

● Willingness to work in international development;

Start date: January 21, 2019

Reports to: iCampus Manager, Luther Jeke; iCampus Joint Management

Team Location: Monrovia. You will work from iCampus on Snapper Hill (Carey Street).

Compensation: We pay a competitive stipend and you will also receive a daily meal plan that covers the cost of lunch at the office.

Application Instructions

If interested, please send a resume, cover letter, and contact information for 3 references to Luther Jeke (luther@ilabliberia.org) before close of business on January 31st, 2019. Qualified candidates will be interviewed on a rolling basis. For more information about iCampus please visit www.icampus.io

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