iCampus Community Day:"Celebrating the Value of an iCampuser"

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

On the 21st of June this year, we will host our flagship event tagged"iCampus Community Day"largely seeking to highlight technology, accountability, and social change - scopes of iCampus' work that collectively unit individuals of similar and different career background who are desperately willing to partner for change.

For the very first time and after nearly three years of being in existence, we are about to give people an opportunity to scan through our values and the values of our influential members who are making impact all over Liberia.

On the day of the event, virtual speakers from Accountability Lab global and the Open Gov Hub in Washington DC mixed with local speakers will be featured to facilitate protocol lineups that include fireside chats, networking and brainstorming to generate ideas to on sustainability of iCampus.

Guests anticipating to participate in the pilot "iCampus Community Day" may kindly register here, and forward additional queries about the event to janet@accountabilitylab.org | +231 (0) 770-196-723 | +231 (0) 886-996-314.

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