iCampus Liberia, an Innovative Community Space for Change Makers

This article was initially published in one of Tech In Africa 2019 commentaries

iCampus Liberia is a cozy community space located at 150 Carey Street, Monrovia, Liberia. It was officially launched on July 5, 2018, at the one of iCampus’ facility space. The opening of iCampus Liberia was welcomed by many Liberian entrepreneurs, especially the young ones and stakeholders.

iCampus Liberia was launched to facilitate change makers and work all together to address digital challenges in the country. The idea of iCampus Liberia came from two entities, iLab Liberia and Accountability Lab. iLab Liberia’s has several missions regarding iCampus Liberia, including assisting IT professionals, encourage technologists, newcomers in IT industry, as well as to facilitate organizations and institutions to be more ready to share ICT information.

On the other hand, Accountability Lab’s mission is to encourage people to build the world’s best tools for integrity that bridges communities with the governments. Furthermore, Accountability Lab is aspiring transparency and accountability as well as dealing with social change issues.

If you are interested in joining the community, you will need to sign up for a membership first. The membership allows you to have access to the community’s work spaces, equipment, training, event, technical support, and internet service. There are three types of memberships offered:

Hot Desk membership for individuals, remote workers or part-timers, and freelancers with monthly payment starting from $25.Small Org membership for teams of 3 people maximum, like startups, small agencies, and office colleagues. This membership requires you to pay $70/month.Private Office membership for small and medium size organizations or for organizations which need long-term private spaces. This membership is starting from $350/month.

iCampus Liberia is supported by several entities, including Indigo Trust, NATEMBEA, Tecovas Foundation, Open Gov Hub, AfriLabs, and USAID.  Meanwhile, its community members are Monrovia Football Academy, Williette Safehouse, Liberia Visual Art Academy, and Landesa.

To know more about iCampus Liberia; how to become a member or to know more about the pricelist, visit https://www.icampus.io/ or simply just drop an email to contact@icampus.io.

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