Janet M Kamara

Janet is a leading communications practitioner working as a catalyst in the Liberian non-profit sector. Currently working with Accountability Lab and iLab’s shared Innovation Campus - iCampus - she uses digital communications as a tool to impact organizations across Liberia’s first multi-disciplinary community space for change-makers. Her work and that of iCampus focuses on the interception of technology, accountability and social change. Janet holds significant previous experience, including roles in human rights and protection, journalism, healthcare, advocacy and governance issues.

Janet was the coordinator for the National Children and Youth Advisory Board for two years, where she nurtured influential youth activists, including 2015 International Children’s Peace Prize Winner, Abraham Keita. Janet also supported efforts in the development of a child-friendly version of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Communications Protocol (OPIC).

She is an affiliate of the International Youth Journal (IYJ) and has already written and published her own debut article. It highlights music as a tool for conflict resolution and social innovation, toward development processes in a post-war Liberia. Locally, Janet has written several other articles that broadly reflect the transformative impact of technology and social innovation on Liberian society, powered by iCampus’ collaborative community.

Janet holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication from the United Methodist University and is aspiring towards a Master’s degree in Development Studies in future. Janet hopes to use her professional platforms to narrate stories about the positive impact of social change and how each Liberian plays a role in fast-tracking development and tackling persistent political, economic and social crises.

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